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A Love Letter to the City: Stephen Powers’s street art – in pictures

New York graffiti artist Stephen Powers daubs his super-sized murals and messages on city walls and rooftops from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, Belfast to São Paulo – his new book, A Love Letter to the City, collects them in one place. See more

Photos: Matthew Kuborn (first three) and Adam Wallacavage (remaining twoo, click photos for captions). 


Curator’s Monday 147 - Artist on Tumblr

Chris Thornley aka Raid71 | on Tumblr (UK)

Chris Thornley, also known as Raid71, is a graphic artist/designer living on the wild moors of Lancashire, UK. Chris constantly tries to adapt and be versatile, striving to illustrate a solution or provoke further ideas or concepts. His works include commercial and private commissions, editorial work for magazines and newspapers aimed at modern culture and society as well as science and technology and childrens books. His art has appeared in exhibition across the globe in both solo and group shows.

[more Chris Thornley aka Raid71 | Curator’s Monday with septagonstudios]


Nigella Lawson - my favourite recipes 

As new editions of her cookbooks are published, Nigella chooses her own favourite dishes from them. Get the recipes 

All photos: Martin Poole for Observer Food Monthly 

The secret, the evidence suggests, is that listening to music is an active process: We’re making the music in our heads as the sounds play our brains.


Photorealistic paintings by Lee Price


Dorothy Arnold - Edwin Bower Hesser


Dorothy Arnold - Edwin Bower Hesser


End of the World Cinema: An Abandoned Movie Theater Deep in the Sinai Desert 


Sarah Lewis on creativity, the gift of failure, and the crucial difference between success and mastery – a wonderful read to welcome the week